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Wierd DX8 2D texture problem

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I wrote a TXD(San Andreas Texture) Editor, that uses DirectX to preview the contents of the file. Well it works great on my computer, and the other 3 at my house. But I gave it to a couple people to try and they are have problems. This is what they get... And it is suppose to look like... I have been over the code and I can't see anything wrong. I added it so it checks the hardware and if there is a vertex buffer support use it, or else use Software. Also Im checking if puredevice is set and using that if it is. I have been working on this for a few days and its starting to drive me batty. Edit: This seems to happen on Radeon Video Cards Download TXD Builder To test run the TXDBuilder.exe and click on "New TXD", it should show up a nice GTA San Andreas Logo. IF not please post your video card specs.

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