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Problem with Display Lists

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Botar    122
Hi, In my program, I am building a maze a putting it in a display list. There are paintings on the wall, and whenever I collect one, I remove it from the maze and rebuild the display list. That has been working fine, but now I need to add paintings to the maze during gameplay. When the painting gets added, it rebuilds the display list, only most of the time, the entire maze does not get displayed anymore. One thing that I have noticed is that glIsList does not return as true when I rebuild it. It should and it does when I am removing paintings, but not when adding. Any ideas? Here is the beginning of my function that builds a display list:
void MazeGen::BuildMainDisplayList()
	int numWalls;
	double extend;
	bool isOuterWall;

	if(glIsList(mainID) == GL_TRUE)
		glDeleteLists(mainID, 1);
	mainID = glGenLists(1);
	glNewList(mainID, GL_COMPILE);

And then I go on to draw all of the walls for the maze.

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anist    100
what you posted looks fine. you may want to try using more than one display list. one for the maze and one for each item that can be removed. keep em in an vector or something.

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