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Who are good/famed A.I. programmers in the game industry?

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Anybody knows who are famous Artificial Intelligence programmers in the Game Industry? I think that the person who designed the A.I. for the Unreal Engine, Halo, Half-Life, The Sims are real geniuses. Do leading Game Industry programmers publish academic papers and speak at conference besides GDC? John Tan

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When I think of good AI programmers, i scratch my head. To be honest i have never heard of an acclaimed AI programmer, such as one hears of great engine programmers, great designers etc etc.

So troubling me this is I start to think about games that had very good _Game_ AI, these titles come to mind.

From most recently

Halflife 2
Halo ( i didnt manage to play this but will asap )
Black or White 1 and 2
Dungeon Keeper
Civilisation and friends

I struggle to think more, So these guys i think would be responsible for some of the better AI available in the industry

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