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newbie having problems with dev c++

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hi there the problem is i have some problems with devc++ ( version) sometimes after i write code that should work i get error messages like
Permission denied
ld returned 1 exit status

. This wouldn't be a problem if the code wouldn't work at all (meaning it had some problems) but after i delete a character in a variable for example and i then put it back (so it is the same program) it works. (though i have to do this a couple of times until i can compile). in the same category i have some problems regarding the some programs there is no problem if i use #include <iostream> (for example) but in other it will not compile if i don't write #include <iostream.h> (getting the known "antiquated library" warning) i'm rather confused and i would apreciate some enlightment

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hmm why didn't i notice that *bangs his head against a wall* thanks

any idea about the second problem? (the header one)
i sometimes also get undeclared variable "cout" even if i include the iostream header...
"using namespace std" being unable to "help" with the problem

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