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OpenGL Fragment shaders and GLSL

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Hello - I've been playing around with vertex and fragment shaders for the last week or so. Using the OpenGL shading language I've been able to install and use vertex shaders just fine. My problem arises when I start using fragment shaders in conjunction with the vertex shaders. If the fragment shader is simple (such as just assigning the gl_FragColor the texture color) everything works just fine. However, if I introduce a varying varible everything starts to break down. The shader outputs inconsistent colors mapped onto my polygon and I'm beginning to think it's a driver problem... here's why: 1) I set a varying variable in the vertex shader to always be 0. In the fragment shader I multiply the texture color by that varying variable and expect the color output to be black. Unfortunately, the color is output with no effect at all. 2) I've downloaded some GLSL examples that use fragment shaders (from humus 3d and ATI example code). The demos load and run but definitely do not look at all like they're suppose to. So I'm running all this code on my only 'shader capable' machine, which is an AMD turion laptop (512MB ram / 128Mb shared with the video card / Windows Server 2003) with a Radeon Xpress 200M graphics card. I've tried updating my drivers to the latest catalyst and have had no success. Has anyone seen this problem? Or better yet, does anyone know a solution? Thanks for your help --Andrew

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