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Pointer Declarations for Variable Bitmaps

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Ok, I may sound like a noob, and I am... But I can't find this ANYWHERE! AND IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! What would be the correct way to point to a bitmap, but allow the assignment to be changed??? I'm not very good at this, but all I need to finish this program is to know the proper re-assignable bitmap declarator that, for some reason, is nowhere to be found...

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What programming language are you using? What syntax have you tried? Are you using a bitmap class?

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You didnt specify what API you're using, so I'll just briefly explain.

You can use pointers:

yourBitmapType *pTheBitmap = new yourBitmapType;

delete pTheBitmap;

pTheBitmap = new yourBitmapType;

//or, you can set a pointer to an already set object
//if the other object is not a pointer:
pTheBitmap = &someOtherBitmap;
//or, if the other object is a bitmap
pTheBitmap = someOtherBitmap;

Note this is somewhat pseudocode, since you didnt mention a specific API...

For example, in SDL you can do something like this:

SDL_Surface *aBmp = IMG_Load("aBmp.bmp");


aBmp = IMG_Load("anotherBmp.bmp");

This functions in SDL return a pointer, so you wouldnt need the new operator.

Just specify your API and we will be able to help more.

P.S. This is C++, so please specify your language, too.

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