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Problem reading mesh vertices

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hey guys i am using this function to get vertex data from a mesh but i am having an error when i want to use these vertexs so i don't get the same result of the original mesh vertexs the vertexs are arranged like circles but not like the ellipse mesh i have plz see this sourse for the function i used and the pictures that shows 1st the vertexs as points and the ellipse that i took the vertex from it which is around the car and in the 2nd picture see when i draw the triangles of the vertexs in white collor it gave me a terrible shape
private PositionNormalTexVertex[] vbData;
		public struct PositionNormalTexVertex
			public Vector3 Position;
			public Vector3 Normal;
			public  float Tu0, Tv0;
			public static readonly VertexFormats FVF = VertexFormats.Position | VertexFormats.Texture1;
		public void ArrayBasedReadWrite()
			//Create a vertex buffer in the managed pool
			VertexBuffer vb = BoundMeshClass.mesh.VertexBuffer;
			//Fill an array of the appropriate type with the VB data using Lock()
			//This lock overload simply locks the entire VB -- setting ReadOnly can improve perf when reading a vertexbuffer
			vbData = vb.Lock(
				0, typeof(PositionNormalTexVertex), 
				LockFlags.None, BoundMeshClass.mesh.NumberVertices) as
			//Unlock the buffer

1.jpg 2.jpg [Edited by - Muhammad Haggag on November 13, 2005 2:47:16 AM]

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Are you sure that the mesh data you are locking is in the same format as you're extracting? if it isn't then you'll get all sorts of funky corruption [grin]

Check the FVF you're using against the one that the mesh reports; if they're *not* the same then you've found your problem.

Secondly, meshes tend to have index buffers to arrange the vertices into actual triangles - which is probably part of the reason why you're getting a complete mess when you try to render the vertex data as triangles (second picture).


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You have managed to skillfully ignore not only the sticky rules thread and the Forum FAQ, but also common sense. There's nothing important about your thread. It's a thread, like every other thread. Except it's given a meaningless title.

Thread closed. Don't try to create another on the same problem, because I'll delete it. Read the rules. And follow them.

EDIT: Now that you've hopefully read the rules, thread re-opened. However, the next time you break the rules, I will suspend you.

[Edited by - Muhammad Haggag on November 13, 2005 2:27:20 AM]

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