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The Win32 API


There are a lot of libraries. Some are cross-platform, others aren't. I like Qt and WTL. You might also want to try Winforms if you don't mind going the Managed C++ way.

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Depends on what graphical API you are using. Personally, having tried it, I don't recommend using Win32 API at first, especially if you're interested in game programming. That API has got to be the ugliest one out there. Yech.

Personally, I would recommend trying out SDL, having used and loved it; I'm using it for all my game development lately. Clean, easy to use, had many tie-in APIs, handles graphics, audio, and threading, and works with OpenGL easily.

Once you've started learning how to use it (there are several tutorials on the site to get you started), I would suggest trying to work on your own GUI - they aren't really that hard, at least for the basic controls, like a push button, radio buttons, check boxes, labels, and update bars. The only really tough things would be text boxes. But once you've got a very basic one contructed, it isn't hard to improve upon it and make it more powerful - I'm quite happy with mine.
They aren't too hard to make, either.

But Win32 API works with Windows and has some utilities that allow for drag-and-drop positioning of controls, so that might be a better option for you - I don't know.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

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