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wxPython, problem with wxSplitterWindow

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Hi, This question is most likely equally applied to wxWidgets. I have something like this
		self.splitter = wxSplitterWindow(self , -1)
		self.sidebar_objprop = wxWindow(self.splitter , -1 , style = wxSIMPLE_BORDER)
		self.tree = wxTreeCtrl(self.splitter,-1)
		l = layoutf.Layoutf("l=l2#1;r=l2#2;t=t2#2;b=b2#2",(self,self.glcanvas))
		self.splitter.SplitHorizontally(self.sidebar_objprop , self.tree)
		b = wxButton(self.sidebar_objprop , -1 , "New Keyframe" , (150,40))
		b.SetConstraints(layoutf.Layoutf("X=X#1;Y=Y#1;h*;w%w75#1" , (self.sidebar_objprop,)))

The button is off centered going outside the edge of the wxWindow. If I do this the button's center should be centered inside sidebar_objprop right? It is ignoring the layout and using the position... why? Thanks. [Edited by - Genjix on November 20, 2005 9:31:27 AM]

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maybe that helps

the centre function centers a window relative to the top windows position

void Centre(int direction = wxBOTH)

Centres the window.



Specifies the direction for the centering. May be wxHORIZONTAL, wxVERTICAL or wxBOTH. It may also include wxCENTRE_ON_SCREEN flag if you want to center the window on the entire screen and not on its parent window.
The flag wxCENTRE_FRAME is obsolete and should not be used any longer (it has no effect).


If the window is a top level one (i.e. doesn't have a parent), it will be centered relative to the screen anyhow.

See also


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strange... if I use b.Center(wxHORIZONTAL) it snaps to (0,0) of that panel... any other clues why my layouts are being ignored yet position is not?

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Could you tell use what your layout.Layoutf(...) does? is it a custom class of yours or is it provided by the wxwidegets library

One thing I found in the wxhelp

is wxIndividualLayoutConstraint

However under wxLayoutConstraints it says constraints are now deprecated and you should use wxSizer instead

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oh... it doesn't look like wxPython.lib.layoutf.Layoutf is included in wxWidgets.
This is an extremely useful lib for specifying positioning of panels..


Quick Example:

lc = Layoutf('t=t#1;l=r10#2;r!100;h%h50#1', (self, self.panel))

is equivalent to

lc = wxLayoutContraints()
lc.top.SameAs(self, wxTop)
lc.left.SameAs(self.panel, wxRight, 10)
lc.height.PercentOf(self, wxHeight, 50)


Constraint directives are separated by semi-colons. You
generally (always?) need four directives to completely describe a
subwindow's location.

A single directive has either of the following forms:

1. <own attribute><compare operation>[numerical argument]
for example r!100 -> lc.right.Absolute(100) )
and w* -> lc.width.AsIs()

2. <own attribute><compare operation>[numerical argument]
#<compare object nr.>
for example t_10#2 (lc.top.Below(<second obj>, 10)

3. <own attribute><compare operation><compare attribute>
[numerical argument]#<compare object nr.>
for example w%h50#2 ( lc.width.PercentOf(<second obj>,
wxHeight, 50) and t=b#1 ( lc.top.SameAs(<first obj>,
wxBottom) )

Which one you need is defined by the <compare operation>
type. The following take type 1 (no object to compare with):

'!': 'Absolute', '?': 'Unconstrained', '*': 'AsIs'

These take type 2 (need to be compared with another object)

'<': 'LeftOf', '>': 'RightOf', '^': 'Above', '_': 'Below'

These take type 3 (need to be compared to another object

'=': 'SameAs', '%': 'PercentOf'

For all types, the <own attribute> letter can be any of

't': 'top', 'l': 'left', 'b': 'bottom',
'r': 'right', 'h': 'height', 'w': 'width',
'x': 'centreX', 'y': 'centreY'

If the operation takes an (optional) numerical argument, place it
in [numerical argument]. For type 3 directives, the <compare
attribute> letter can be any of

't': 'wxTop', 'l': 'wxLeft', 'b': 'wxBottom'
'r': 'wxRight', 'h': 'wxHeight', 'w': 'wxWidth',
'x': 'wxCentreX', 'y': 'wxCentreY'

so in my layout for the button

"X=X#1;Y=Y#1;h*;w%w75#1" , (self.sidebar_objprop,)

=> X = X #1
Y = Y #1
w %w75 #1

where #1 = self.sidebar_objprop

this translates as
center of button's X is center of #1's X
center of button's Y is center of #1's Y
height as is
width is 75% of #1's width

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