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Array confusion :)

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Hithere, I'm trying to remove my own old ASArray-template-code; I used to have a function that was registered as "void DoSomething(const VertexArray &in)". Now I'd like to use the AS built-in array stuff for this, but I don't know how to register that same function. If I have registered a custom object-type, how do I register a function that will take a asCArrayObject of that type ?

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You'd register the function the same way. If the array type hasn't been overloaded, AngelScript will assume that you'll use asIScriptArray interface.

void DoSomething(asIScriptArray *array)
if( !array ) return;

int cnt = array->GetElementCount();
for( int n = 0; n < cnt; n++ )
MyObj *p = (MyObj*)array->GetElementPointer(n);
... do something with the object

// If we receive the array as object handle, it must be released

I recommend registering the function to take the array by handle, since it avoids unnecessary copies.

int r = engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("void DoSomething(MyObj[]@)", asFUNCTION(DoSomething), asCALL_CDECL); assert( r >= 0 );


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Okay, I must be doing something very stupid 'cause I can't get it to work :)

Let me show you what I do :

I register my vertex class.
result = outEngine->RegisterObjectType("Vertex", sizeof(Vertex), asOBJ_CLASS | asOBJ_CLASS_CONSTRUCTOR | asOBJ_CLASS_ASSIGNMENT); assert(result>=0);

I have a cpp-function that needs an array of Vertices.
Declared/implemented in cpp as :
asDraw2DTriangleFan(asCArrayObject * inVertices)
if (!inVertices)

int num_vertices = inVertices->GetElementCount();

if (num_vertices >= 3)
Vertex * vertex_list = (Vertex * )inVertices->GetElementPointer(0);

// Draw
VERIFY_D3D_CALL(mDevice->DrawPrimitiveUP(D3DPT_TRIANGLEFAN, num_vertices - 2, vertex_list, sizeof(Vertex)));

// We received the array as object handle, it must be released

I register that function to AS as:
"void Draw2DTriangleFan(Vertex[]@)"

The script :

Vertex[] vertices;
// fill in vertices here, blah

The problem :
It just doesnt work :)
Even more strange, the first time the script is compiled it compiles fine,
but when I reload the script sometimes it comes up with a message saying
"Draw2DTriangle(Vertex[]&)" is not defined.

Is the call in the script ("Draw2DTriangleFan(vertices);") correct ?
(if not - why wasn't there a compile-error the first time when I compiled it ?)

Please help me find out what I'm doing wrong :D

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I found the problem :)

I was assuming elements of the asCArrayObject would be linearly mapped in memory,
but they aren't :)

I need to copy the vertices one-by-one to a new buffer, and then it works.

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