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Understanding stats

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I'm designing a practice rpg game for fun, and am trying to get a handle on stats. How exactly do they work? Is there a website or a book someone can recommend to me? I don't really understand the dice system, or anything else really relating to statistics...

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think of the dice as a way to moduled randomnis. Why a dice? Because the games often come from a pen and paper game (so no computer and the only think that is random is a dice).

For example lets say your character has the following stats:

Strength: 5
Constitution: 3
Dexterity: 4

And you want to modulate an attack:
So you could say: an attack is strength + dexterity + some random number between 1 and 10

look at a few free pen and paper games to get a better feeling.

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Thanks. That does make sense. It's not just the dice system however, I'm trying to figure out the mathmatics behind situations like -

character A -
strenght 150
Defense 30

Character B -
Strength 128
Defense 15

What is the best way to determine how much damage the characters will cause based on those stats? I mean, how is it generally done? Like, a defense of 30 would block how much damage from an atack based on an atack power of 150? Then there is the fact that you throw in a luck stat. Not to mention adding in all the other stats, agility, magic power, magic defense, speed (that's one I need help on too...) exc. exc. exc.

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Its all based off of formulas which are created from various people/companies. For example (this is based off of Blizzards website (http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/basics/characters.shtml)); they use this formula:


For Thrown and Melee Weapons:

Final_Min_Damage = Weapon_Min_Damage * (Str + 100) / 100
Final_Max_Damage = Weapon_Max_Damage * (Str + 100) / 100

For Bows and Crossbows:

Final_Min_Damage = Weapon_Min_Damage * (Dex + 100) / 100
Final_Max_Damage = Weapon_Max_Damage * (Dex + 100) / 100

Total Damage:

Minimum Damage = (Weapon Minimum Damage + (+x To Minimum Damage)) * (1 + StatsBonus + (+x% Enhanced Damage) / 100) * Modifier
Maximum Damage = (Weapon Maximum Damage + (+x To Maximum Damage)) * (1 + StatsBonus + (+x% Enhanced Damage) / 100) * Modifier


Chance to Hit: 100 * AR / (AR + DR) * 2 * alvl / (alvl + dlvl)

AR = Attack Rating; alvl = Level of Attacker; dlvl = Level of Defender.

The ClassBonus is:

20 for Barbarians and Paladins
15 for Assassins
5 for Amazons and Druids
-10 for Necromancers
-15 for Sorceresses

as you can see, it is all broken down into formulas which is then used to determine everything.


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take a look at the rules of different RolePlayingGames (PnP or digital) and figure out a system that suits your world and gameplay.

the actual values and formulas are a big issue in balancing your game. best is to stick with some easy to understand formulas and later fiddle around with the values.

if you want a really simple system check the D20 (used by "Neverwinter Nights", and "Knight of the Old Republic I and II"):

you got a stat (like Strength) usually between 10 and 19. to determine if an action was sucessful (i.e. an attack) you decide for a difficulty, say 25 (i.e. the "Armorclass of the opponent) and roll a D20 (20-sided die). add the roll to your characters strengt and ceck if it is above the difficulty. if it is, success, if not, the character missed.

there are more rules to the D20-system, but this is the most basic one:
- take stat
- roll die
- sum up and compare to difficulty

i don't know if you may use exactly this system for your game tho, cause it is owned/licensed by Wizartds of the Coast Inc.

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