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std::ifstream using other separating character than space (' ')

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Is it possible to use another character than whitespace as a separating character? Like this:
// input.txt:
"A nice string"
"Another nice string" "string 3"

// blah.cpp:
void some_func()
   std::string temp;
   std::ifstream file("input.txt");

   while(file >> temp)
     std::cout << temp << std::endl;


So this would print: A nice string Another nice string string 3 Is this possible?

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You cannot change the delimiter used by the built-in operator>>, to the best of my knowledge.

You might want std::getline, which gets up until a delimiter.

That or you could make your own function, perhaps something along the lines of the following:

std::istream &get_quoted(std::istream &source, std::string &str) {
char c = 0;
source >> c; // >> to skip whitespace
if ( c == '"' ) {
// if we read a ", store up to the next " in str
std::getline( source, str, '"' );
} else {
// if we read something that's not a ",
// put back whatever we read and read until whitespace
source >> str;
return source;

Of course a robust version would handle \ as an escape sequence, allow ' as an alternate delimiter, ...

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