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How do get rid of warnings: macro redefinition, VS2005

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I just started using VS2005, first things I did was add winxp sdk sp2 dir to the include list, now everytime i compile i get about 30 warnings on how specstrings.h(win xp sdk) is redefining macros that are in sal.h(vs includes). The warnings are as follows: ...\microsoft platform sdk for windows xp sp2\include\specstrings.h(334) : warning C4005: '__reserved' : macro redefinition ...\microsoft visual studio 8\vc\include\sal.h(702) : see previous definition of '__reserved' The are about 30 total. Im wondering how to get rid of these warnings. Im not including these directly so is there some way to tell VS to just disregard them. Its just a pain wading through 30 warings when I compile. Thx for the help.

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