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Pb using CubeMapGen Command Line

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Has anyone successfully used ATI's CubeMapGen command line to batch cubemap generation? I can't seem to get it to load anything :( All other steps work fine, including exporting the cubemap, but they are of course totally useless as long as I couldn't get it to load any inputs :( I've tried something as simple as this: CubeMapGen -importCubeDDS According to the help file, this should simple open CubeMapGen and load It opens fine but never loads that file :( I've tried absolute paths, relative, loading DDS, HDR files, but could never get anything to load. Surprisingly, when attempting to load a DDS file, I don't get any error message (still, the file isn't loaded since it doesn't show on the sphere in the app), whereas when I attempt to load an HDR file (one that loads just fine from withing the tool's GUI itself, of course), I get:Error, cannot retrieve image infromation from file -importCubeCross. File is either invalid, non-existant, or of a nonsupported format. Is it just me? Am I missing something? Any help appreciated Thanks François

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