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[.net] Free UML 2 Modeller?

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This page lists a couple of tools, some of which are free or have free community versions available.

I've tried several of those but can't really give a recommendation. If you want a full featured program with all diagram types and round-trip engineering, you're out of luck with a free version as far as I know.

The class designer in VS 2005 is nice (it doesn't have that much to do with UML though), but I really miss sequence- and activity diagrams...

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Thanks a lot for that link.

I was thinking 'why are all these $250-$3000??' I'm only prepared to spend up to £30! Like. I. Have. A spare £200-2200 lying about.
Then I noticed that the category was Model-Driven Architecture. But I don't want something that refactors your code from a class diagram - I just want to draw diagrams!
Unfortunately I couldn't find a category for that. Anyone know any others?

Actually, can an admin move this to the General Programming forum please?


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