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Weird D3D9 Problem regarding renderering frequency

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Heya all, I am getting this weird D3D9 problem. In my engine loop I call BeginScene(), render whatever I need to and then call EndScene() and Present(). Ok kewl, problem is first time I start my application...runs perfectly. Start it up a second time and nothing? It doesn't render anything at all! Rendering calls dont fail, it initialises properly...but the window is blank. Not even the back buffer gets cleared. So I go and add a Sleep() timer to this loop for e.g 100ms and it runs perfectly everytime. Does D3D9 have a problem with too high a frame rate? It seems if I limit FPS it will work fine everytime it is run. I make sure I release all my buffers/interfaces so that cannot be the problem, I think. Thanks

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I can't think of any particularly common reason for what you describe. Two obvious things to check:

1. Any debug output? Turn on the debug runtimes and ramp up to maximum [smile]

2. Run it against the reference rasterizer

If #1 produces any warnings (either on the first run, or the subsequent flawed runs) then make sure you fix them. I have had some dodgy drivers that really got confused with memory leaks. If a D3D application had any memory leaks then the drivers needed to be restarted before any other D3D apps would work properly again...

If #2 yields better/correct results then you might well want to investigate the hardware/driver combination you're using. Where possible check your software on a different configuration.


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