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Child windows in resource editor? (WTL/MFC/win32)

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peter_b    200
Hello. I want to draw a dialog in the dialog editor (borderless). And then use it as a child window in a frame window. Is this possible to do? Im using WTL, but if you know how to do this in MFC or win32 i can probebly figure it out from that. I imagine it to be something like this: class CPropertiesWnd : public CWindowImpl<CPropertiesWnd > { enum{IDD = IDD_PROPS} // <- dialog id }; And then: m_wndProperties.Create(parent); m_view = m_wndProperties; Or something like that. But i cant figure it out. :( Thanks in advance!

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BigR    138

If I'm reading correctly I know that in MFC what you would need is an SDI (single document interface) and have the View class point to a child class of CFormView (the class that should be attached to the dialog).

Visual Studio should be able to set this up in the wizard quickly for you to take a look at the code.

I'm not sure how it is done in WTL.

Hope that helps.


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