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To anybody that is out there that can please help me. I am a newbie to C++ and I am needing help understanding hexadecimal so that it will help me with understanding memory addresses better. Does anybody out there know any good tutorials so that I can educate myself further????? THANKS, D$

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Hexadecimal is just the base 16 number system.

Given a positive integer b, all numbers given by the sequence of n digits <Di> can be represented by the sum:

D0 * b0 + D1 * b1 + D2 * b2 + ... + Dn-1 * bn-1

Our normal number system is the decimal system for which b = 10. One interpretation of b is the number of unique digits numbers can be composed of, including zero. Thus, in hexadecimal or base 16, there are 16 unique digits rather than 10 as in decimal. These digits are thus:


So, the hexadecimal number F32A is equivalent to this sum in decimal:

10 * 1 + 2 * 16 + 3 * 256 + 15 * 4096 = 62250.

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