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Need Artists for my new Top Down Shooter!!!

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Hey watz up guys I need a pretty good graphics artist for my new Top Down shooter "Battle Squad"!!! The will be in top down view and The max sise for characters 1-6 64x64!!! This is VERY Important, I need some characters done and the characters can be your choice on how to design them of course I will give details on how they should look, There is like only 7 different characters plus the Player and the guns. here is what I need: Characters: 1.) Alex/Player: Should look like a futuristic soldier with battle armor with a helmet and shoulder pads, to make him look cool 2.) Capt. Adams: He's the boss so make him like a boss would look like 3.) Commander Green: A futuristic commander in of course green, a sprite of mim with no gun and another one with a M16 4.) Michelle: A sexy secret spy, make her look cool, make a sprite of her with no gun and another with a pistol 5.) Rhorus: The boss of Redlight he should be in a suit, make a sprite of him with no gun and another of him with a shotgun 6.) Sarah: She is a trader and now works for Redlight all I can tell you is that she has blond hair and make a sprite of her with no gun and another with a Pistol 7.) Black Storm: A huge ugly looking monster, make him how you want!!! Ok for the weapons don't make the weapons for every single characer, just foe Alex/Player!!! Here are the Weapons: 1.) Pistol 2.) Alien Pistol 3.) M16 4.) AK-47 5.) Old/Western Shotgun 6.) Tactical Shotgun 7.) Battle Rifle: Your choice on design 8.) Alien Rifle 9.) Rocket Launcher 10.) Homing Launcher 11.) Granade 12.) Hunting Knife 13.) Granade Launcher 14.) Energy Sword Thanks alot for your help I will be so gratefull for this, I am really pushing to make this game a sucsess!!! Please help me!!!! Be sure to visit my site at Zonargamez.com [Edited by - Thunderstormgames on November 25, 2005 1:28:13 PM]

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