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Progressive Traversal

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Hello all, I'm working on a progressive-map-traversal scheme, and am just in the beginnings of research on the best way to accomplish it. In short, a subset-array of a potentially huge array of map heights is used to generate "surrounding" terrain. Camera traversal causes dynamic loading of other map data dependent on the direction in which the camera travels. The visible grid data itself is not terribly complex, however. Each grid poly is a simple shaded, multitextured polygon. What my scheme needs to be able to accomplish, is how to dynamically add/delete the grid tiles. I've come up with the concept of using an STL list to store one set of tile data per grid-'node', and calculate each frame the distance from the camera. - If the tile falls outside this distance, it is removed from view. - If the camera/player traverses the map such that a 'hole' would be created, the appropriate tile must be loaded from disk cache, and a tile must be generated replete with normals for shading, dependent on surrounding tiles. Problem with this is the STL list; it reeks of performance problems. I'd like to use a faster method of rendering than immediate mode, but since the terrain can change almost every second, it would seem faster in the long run to concentrate on this rendering method. If anyone can suggest a better method of doing this, I'll be the happier ;)

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