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my last question for sdl

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willthiswork89    100
to get any sdl program to compile in my visual studio .net 2003 i have to put this before i start coding any sdl #ifdef WIN32 #pragma comment(lib, "SDL.lib") #pragma comment(lib, "SDLmain.lib") #endif is there a way to include those without all that crap? like through tools->options?

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pi_equals_3    517
Yes, there is!

Go to Project->[Project Name] Properties, or right click on the project in the Solution Explorer window and select Properties.

Then go to Configuration Properties->Linker->Input

In the Additional Dependencies field, type SDL.lib SDLmain.lib and any other libraries you want to link, separated by spaces.

Also, be sure you do the same thing for all project configurations (ie. Debug and Release modes) by selecting all of the options in the Configuration drop down box and changing the input settings for each.

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