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Hi, How do I load mesh with only animation controller but without the hierarchy like this D3DXLoadHierarchyFromX (...., &alloc, &m_pframeRoot, &m_pAnimController); to D3DXLoadHierarchyFromX (..., NULL, &m_pframeRoot, &m_pAnimController); I have put a flag to distinquish between those. But the latter case failed to load the animationcontroller because there was no allocatehierarchy. Any hints Thanks Jack

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Thanks for your kind reply.
It seemed that D3DXLoadHierarchyFromX without alloc would fail
I animated the flying wheels in MAX and the mesh + animation can be displayed properly in MAX and deep exploration,even mesh viewer. But failed at
D3DXLoadHierarchyFromX, the returned animation controller and frame root were both NULL.
Thanks once again

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