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Starting my first game...

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Hi yall! Hope you're all fine. I need some insight on a couple of things. I'm about to start programming my first 3D game, infact my first game. It's going to be a tomb raider like game. I think I have everything together. OK here are my quetions: 1. Do I design the animation of my characters such that they are actually moving in the world or the character's motion is stationary and the world is tranforming such that it looks like the character is moving in the world (by tranforming the world geometry with the appropriate tranformations). Í've read Nehe's tutorials (great tuts) and he seems to be using the second method. Please advice me or point me to a web page with this information in depth. 2. When reading about physics implementation there's an argument that Euler's method becomes unstable if one considers large time steps. Why is this? Also where can I find more information about Langrange's methods or any other methods out there. 3. Is there a web page where I can find descriptions and sample uses of OpenGL's extensions? 4. Is there are a true adventage in using already made 3D rendering engines e.g Ogre or any other (commercial or not)? I'm planning on programming my own engine anyway. 5. Please point me to a site where I can find info on how to create customised GUIs. I want to create windows that behave like the ones in Windows but I want them to look nice, elegant, beautiful. 6. I can't texture paint with Blender on my computer. When I select Texture paint the Menu brings up a paint menu but the paint menu is empty i.e no commands. What could be wrong? 7. Where do people who make free software get their income from? E.g the people who made Ogre or Blender, how do they pay their bills? Many questions I know but it's better to ask than to remain ignorant! Thanks!

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Hi bud,

I'll try answer a few of these:

1) As far as i'm away it is easier to move the character in the world, ofcourse this is a must if he/she is not the only character on the screen. You can't move the world around for each one.
2) Don't know.
3) Don't know.
4) Well with most of them you should be able to make your gameby changing scripting onlye. Writing your own takes alot more of everything, time effort...
5) I don't know of any i'm afraid, although i am writing my own at the moment which i will make open source once finished.
6) Don't know.
7) Often the money comes from advertisments on their web pages or through contributions to their project. I heard that the gui who invented bit torrent can live off the contributions he recieves.

Hope that helps mate,


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hi. well i will try to make some answers too:

1. The second method is for FPS games, and the player controlled characters. for others you will use the first method.
2. There is a lot of info on the internet. To see why Euler integration is unstable, please do these: Draw a motion curve manually, and draw a horizontal axis under it and name it time. Then Draw some points on the curve at regular time intervals. Now those are time steps. If you make big time steps, you will see a lot can happen with the curve during that step, and you aproximate it with a straight line segment. That's why Euler is bad, because it doesn't consider only the end points of that line segment. Other methods, like Runge-Kutta(the best and slowest of all), takes into considerations what is happening between those 2 points, and the variation of the curve. This is a very rough explanation, but feel free to ask more.
3. Lots of them(even libraries) search on google.
4. Yes, a huge advantage espacially if it's your first game. Take an open-source engine and study it, see it's architecture and stuff, before start doing your own, or even use the open source one.
5. You can create using the libraries out there and some good design. Many engines have their own GUI libraries.
6. Dont' know really, it works for me.
7. They get income from support (let's say books, Tshirts and such). Or maybe they done it in the spare time, and have another job for their income.

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4) If this is your first game, do yourself a HUGE favor and don't start making a whole engine. Go ahead and use Ogre, if that's what you're interested in. But I would really recommend something more "complete". Like SDL or similiar library.

5) I do know that if you start using Ogre you can have those windows since it's included CE-GUI (Crazy Eddies GUI). It's said CEGUI could also work with other 3D-engines, but I do not know which ones.

7) The people who make Ogre do so on their spare time. The cost for the website and other similiar running costs are mostly paid by ads.

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