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[web] A problem with ASP validation

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Hi. i'm trying to validate the details a user enters into a form, before i add the details into a database. I am getting really stuck with server side validation. what i basically want to do is:
if data has been entered
    if data field is invalid - error msg
    (repeated for all my fields)
    else add data into table

I realise i need a nested if statement for this but i can't seem to get it right. A sample of my code is below. any help would be greatly appreciated
If id <> "" Then
If cid = "" Then Response.Write "Error"
If title = "" Then Response.Write "Error"
If genre = "" Then Response.Write "Error"
If dir = "" Then Response.Write "Error"
If star = "" Then Response.Write "Error"
If cost = "" Then Response.Write "Error"
If rel = "" Then Response.Write "Error"

(Add data to database)
End With
End If


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How about something like this?

Bool Okay = true

If id <> "" Then Okay = false
If cid = "" Then Okay = false
If title = "" Then Okay = false
If genre = "" Then Okay = false
If dir = "" Then Okay = false
If star = "" Then Okay = false
If cost = "" Then Okay = false
If rel = "" Then Okay = false

If Okay then
(Add data to database)
Response.Write "BAD, BAD MONKEY"
End If

~BenDilts( void );

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