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Horror/RPG in progress: Nuclear Nightmare

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Hey all, I'd just like to let you know about the development of our game Nuclear Nightmare: Rise of the Fallen. It's a dark post-nuclear single-player horror game with RPG elements. We're using the Torque Game Engine but will soon port it to the Shader version. I'd like to notify you, the screenshots may look too dark on certain monitors. We're currently only using ambient lighting. The core team consists of me (main programmer) and my partner (artist). We also have 2 other guys doing some more specialized programming work. One is working on fuzzy logic AI and the other on the collision/melee combat feature. We also had a music studio create an original soundtrack for us which fits in perfectly. If you have the time, visit our site. I'd like to know what you think about the game and the web site. Feel free to sign up in our forums if you're interested and post any question you like. Nick

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