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java and files

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Puzzler183    540
If your server has some script set up that lets you write then yes. Basically just consider Java like a normal program though once it's running on the client - it has nothing to do with where it was served from.

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haegarr    7372
Java is a programming language, with which you write programs that could run in a Java Virtual Machine (VM). There is no client / server relation.

If you have a normal Java app, then you have to connect to a HTTP server by using a socket. Or do you have a Servlet / Applet? _That_ stuff runs server / client side. An applet has some a-priori connection to the server it is loaded from, as far as I know.

Calling a PHP script (or any other CGI) is of course possible from a pure Java app as well as from an Applet, since the CGI script isn't interested in _what_ it is called from, but only _how_ it is called.

In short: you have to give more details about what you are doing / wants to do.

However, you should be aware that you may pierce your network security if not considering the common CGI security tips.

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