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Getting alpha channel in GL ortho mode

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Well, I'm back to playing with 3D graphics again (I'm still very new to this particular area), and I was wondering if there is any way to get alpha blending in orthographic mode. When in ortho mode, this is my code to draw a box filled with color:
        glColor4ub(color.r, color.g, color.b, color.a); //"color stores the color of the quad
        glVertex2d(r.x, r.y); //r stores the location and size of the box
        glVertex2d(r.x + r.w, r.y);
        glVertex2d(r.x + r.w, r.y + r.h);
        glVertex2d(r.x, r.y + r.h);

I was hoping that the function glColor4ub would work for this, but my boxes don't alpha blend with each other. Any ideas? I would appreciate it. Also, in ortho mode, the boxes I render using the above code do the opposite of what I would expect them to, coming from the 2D graphics world. The first ones that I render always appear on top, while the ones I render last get drawn behind. I would find it more intuitive if the opposite were true. If there is a way to get this working, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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There is nothing special with getting alpha to work in orthographic mode. You just need to ensure blending is enabled with glEnable(GL_BLEND).

As for the improper ordering, you most likely have the Z buffer enabled. This is causing clipping between each quad because the default Z compare function is set to "less than". You can either set the function to "less than or equal" (via glDepthFunc), which would allow multiple primitives at the same Z to overlap each other, or simply disable Z compare entirely when doing 2D rendering (via glDiable(GL_DEPTH_TEST)). The latter tends to be better, as it avoids problems with Z-fighting and rendering does pretty much what you expect it to.

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As long as you enable blending before calling glBegin, the primitive will be drawn blended. The other possibility is your alpha value is set to 255 (full-opaque), where there will be no visible blending, even if GL_BLEND is enabled.

I suppose it's possible your blend function (glBlendFunc) could also be incorrect, but this _should_ default to:


I'm betting your alpha is probably incorrect, though. [smile]

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