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Java GUIs. Pointers/Advice needed

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Ive got a project to do in java, I have to create a network bulletin board system. The problem is Java (and inparticular GUIs in Java) has always been a weak area of mine. The problem i'm having is, imagine this: I want to create a sort-of text-box in the screen which lists all the individual topics that have been posted, and users should be able to selct any of them and load the full topic up. The problem is i dont know how to create a read-only text box which would be divided up into sections (topics) and allows user selection. Can someone give me an idea what to look for? It seems like (and probably is) a really simple thing to do, but i've been browsing through some of the documentation on but i dont really know what im looking for. Any other general pointers on how better to implement it would be welcome too ;) Thanks in advance.

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