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Coding the color wheel

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My current project requires me to implement a color selection tool. As part of that tool, I need to make a color wheel. The user can click on the color wheel to select a color. The color wheel does not have to be a "wheel" - as a matter of fact, I kind of prefer a color "square". However, I'm not really sure how to design this color wheel. I'm no expert in color theory, and I'm not really sure how the colors are laid out. I realize there are three primary colors which are seperated by secondary colors. The problem lies in generating the secondary colors and their proper placement. Perhaps there is already a pre-coded color wheel I could reuse? If not, what's the proper algorithm for generating the color wheel/square? My project is written in C++ (MSVC 6.0) and using Direct3D (version 9.0c).

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