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Calling all/any concept artists?

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Yeh, I'm making a game (why else would I be posting on these forums?). And I need concept artists. I won't explain the game, instead I'll redirect you to... to see the help wanted post I made. I really need some concept artists!!! This lack of good drawings has frozen the game developement to a halt right now! But I'm posting here in the hope that there are actually some gaming artists that visit this particular forum. Basically my game is a 3d action/platformer/adventure based in a different world. This other world looks ... for the artist to come up with ... as in the story it was previously ruled by a great society but is now ruled and overrun by soul eating monsters. The monsters are open to artistic suggestion and can be created in any way the artist wants (lots of different sytles, whatever, so long as they look evil and stuff) I figured alot of artists would be jumping on the project so they can muck about and draw irregular evil monsters, hasn't been the case so far ... The non-monsters look like normal people, lots of them in the game, so they can just about look like anything so long as its specific to their traits (the normal people all serve one out of four certain main characters as soldiers), cept for the main characters which need to look cool or specific to their traits (strength, stealth, skill, combined, etc) along with the impact they have on the story. Basically, the game is a different universe, and I need people to create it!! I couldn't draw to save my life and I really need some artists so I can get over the creativity bump the game has hit right now. The game won't pay anything as it is intended to be freeware. Why am I making it if I'm releasing it as freeware? Because I want to make a game! This game! Because it will be the greatest game I've ever made! Because it's the best idea I've ever had! Because I'll never be able to come up with a game this good ever again! Developing this game is my passion and I'm looking for people to join the team to create this masterpeice along with me!

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I'm going to suggest that perhaps you're not getting much input or interest from CA's because you've provided far too open-ended of a task for them. I or any other artist can just as easily design "evil" in our free time, especially if it's not a paid gig.

I would suggest trying to develop your setting a bit more before looking for someone to visually realize it for you. Take any aspect of ideas you've had for the monsters and add that to the specifications. For example, what are the four themes they serve, what kind of environment are they in, what's the overall theme of the game world? (While artistic interpretation and expression is nice, if all the monsters don't conform in some way to an over-arching style, your game world won't make sense)

As it stands you have a basic concept that you've shared, and would like other people to fill it in entirely for you.

You normally see-

Designer: "I need you to create a bad guy for me. He's a grizzled army veteran who lost both arms in combat, and replaced them with robotic components. Later he was bitten by a werewolf-vampire, and has episodic bouts of vertigo. If you could come up with a couple different takes on it and have them ready to present on Friday, that'd be great"

Artist:"Ok, first I'll try giving him an undead look, then I'll try making him look more feral and bulky with super-red eyes, and ....(etc)"

What you don't normally see-

Designer: "Our game takes place under the sea. I need you to create all the enemies for the game. Do whatever."


Obviously, your imagination can take off running, but there's no shared vision for everyone to work off of.

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Hello Kyall
I have some experience in color drawing - on paper though.
As well I can draw with GIMP.
Since the game you are making is opensource I would like to partake in your project.
I also used programming 3d games by 2d ray tracing - which has no use today. But I have some understanding of what programming your game is like.

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