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blendtexturealpha not working

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I am trying to blend two textures together in two texture stage states. The first texture is 256x256 map of my terrain with all alpha pixels on. The second texture has a doughnut-type frame with a doughnut-type mask stored in the alpha channel. I have... stage0 colorop=selectarg1 colorarg1=texture alphaop=selectarg1 alphaarg1=texture stage1 alphaop=blendtexturealpha colorarg1=texture colorarg2=current alphaop=selectarg1 alphaarg1=current I was expecting the output to be the square map with the doughnut frame overlayed on the top, but what I get is just the square map. Why is the blendtexture alpha not picking up the doughnut alpha and putting the doughnut frame RGB values on top of the map texture? I am really tearing my hair out on this one. Thanks!

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