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Winsock2 on LAN - small issue

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sipickles    240
Hi , I am somewhat new to winsock but am having some success. I;ve got my client to connect to my server, but only if they are both on same pc. A client on another PC on the LAN doesnt connect. Eg, my server opens, and the local client prog connects thru that address/port. The remote client uses exactly same settings but wont connect. I can ping the host fine. Must be something I've not set up right to use winsocks over the network. Also, what would I have to do to make it work over the Internet? Many Thanks Simon

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chollida1    532
is that port open on the other machine?? does it have a firewall??

I've found symantecs firewall software has made me look foolish in the past:)

If you must try disabling the firewall temporarily to see if you can connect to that port, if you can then you know the machines firewall must be configured to open the port you need.


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