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Memory allocation problem, C++ with new operator.

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Hello, I've been programming a model loader for my small game and I have run into a problem with the new operator. The below line of code crashes when built with MinGW, and returns NULL when built with MSVC++. It even fails on other computers, I checked the available memory on my system and I have 700mb free, I tried rebooting and it still fails. unsigned short* t = new unsigned short[current[currentTriangle]+1]; In the debugger, currentTriangle is 0, and current[0] is 341. Therefore it should be allocating 342 unsigned shorts worth the memory. The line of code is in a for loop with currentTriangle as the index from 0 to 1, although I doubt that that is the problem. Any help is appreciated!

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You've likely trashed your heap somewhere by writing out of bounds of an array. Check all your array accesses and, if you haven't already, run your program through a debugger and hope it'll catch your error.


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OK, I did some debugging, this time looking at arrays and stuff (thanks Enigma). I figured that my array class was probably corrupting the heap in my filesystem class so I replaced it with the STL vector and now I get a new problem on that line of code:

Unhandled exception at 0x77e73887 in pss0.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: std::bad_alloc @ 0x0012f9ec.

That leads me to believe that my array class must have been doing something bad. Any suggestions on how I can find heap corruption easier?


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I think I may have spotted the problem:

//read triangle data
unsigned short a,b,c; char m;
short current[MAX_TEXTURES] = {-1};
for(currentTriangle = 0; currentTriangle < triangleCount; currentTriangle++)
mesh->indices[m][current[m]++] = a;
mesh->indices[m][current[m]++] = b;
mesh->indices[m][current[m]++] = c;

I believe the problem resides with the [current[m]++]. According to what I've seen with the debugger, a buffer 'underrun' is probably occuring. It is accessing memory to the -1 index. I'm going to try setting it to 0 and see if that has any effect on the heap.

Edit: it is no longer 'underrunning' however I'm still having a crash on the same line of that allocates memory for the unsigned short t.

Edit 2: OK, I just rewrote a big chunk of the code, and now it seems to work alright. Thank you!

[Edited by - disanti on November 26, 2005 4:04:44 PM]

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