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Networked Games and Turning Characters

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Hi All, How do client/server games generally deal with the issues of latency when moving and turning characters? I can imagine for moving in a straight line it's pretty straight forward where you can re-calculate the position when either the server or the client receives it by using a latency time. However, it seems a little more complex when you are dealing with turning a character at the same time. Let's say I turn my character say 30 degrees clockwise then this will send a packet to the server with my request to do so. The server though I assume is keeping track of the already moving character and the character on the server is probably ahead of the position that the client's character was in when the request was initiated from the client. Does this mean the server has to do some kind of back-tracking the that position, turn the character and then forward track again to get to the right position? Also, I assume both the client and the server move the character independently for smoothness and that the client repositions the character if it gets a position that is too out-of-sync with it's own internal representation? Thanks!

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