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Problems with VMR-9, IVMRSurfaceAllocator9 and IVMRImagePresenter9

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I try to implement a Video Player like mentioned here: Supplying a Custom Allocator-Presenter for VMR-9 But my program hangs in the moment, when the video should be played. Here is my Code:
class VideoAllocatorPresenter
	: public IVMRSurfaceAllocator9,
	  public IVMRImagePresenter9
	    STDMETHODIMP QueryInterface(REFIID riid, void **ppv) { 
				dbglog() << "QueryInterface " << std::endl;
				//return S_OK; //GetOwner()->QueryInterface(riid,ppv);            
				ppv = NULL;
				return E_NOINTERFACE;
			  dbglog() << "AddRef" << std::endl;
        return 1 ;//GetOwner()->AddRef();                            
    STDMETHODIMP_(ULONG) Release() {              
			  dbglog() << "Release" << std::endl;
        return 1;//GetOwner()->Release();                           

	VideoAllocatorPresenter() {};
	virtual ~VideoAllocatorPresenter() {}; 
	/*virtual HRESULT */STDMETHODIMP AdviseNotify( IVMRSurfaceAllocatorNotify9*  lpIVMRSurfAllocNotify ) 
		dbglog() << "AdviseNotify" << std::endl;

		allocNotify_ = lpIVMRSurfAllocNotify;
		return S_OK;

	/*virtual HRESULT */STDMETHODIMP GetSurface( DWORD_PTR  dwUserID, DWORD  SurfaceIndex, DWORD  SurfaceFlags,
											IDirect3DSurface9**  lplpSurface )
		dbglog() << "GetSurface  " << SurfaceIndex << std::endl;

		*lplpSurface = surfaces_[SurfaceIndex];
		dbglog() << "GetSurface  done" << std::endl;
		return S_OK;

	/*virtual HRESULT */STDMETHODIMP InitializeDevice( DWORD_PTR  dwUserID, VMR9AllocationInfo*  lpAllocInfo,
														DWORD*  lpNumBuffers )
		dbglog() << "InitializeDevice" << std::endl;

		surfaces_ = (IDirect3DSurface9**) malloc(sizeof( IDirect3DSurface9*) * (*lpNumBuffers) );
		allocNotify_->AllocateSurfaceHelper( lpAllocInfo, lpNumBuffers, surfaces_ );

		dbglog() << "  number buffers: " << (*lpNumBuffers) << std::endl;
		return S_OK;

	/*virtual HRESULT */STDMETHODIMP TerminateDevice( DWORD_PTR  dwID )
		dbglog() << "TerminateDevice" << std::endl;
		return S_OK;

	/*virtual HRESULT */STDMETHODIMP PresentImage( DWORD_PTR  dwUserID, VMR9PresentationInfo*  lpPresInfo )
		dbglog() << "PresentImage" << std::endl;
		return S_OK;

	/*virtual HRESULT */STDMETHODIMP StartPresenting( DWORD_PTR  dwUserID )
	  dbglog() << "StartPresenting" << std::endl;
		return S_OK;

	/*virtual HRESULT */STDMETHODIMP StopPresenting( DWORD_PTR  dwUserID )
		dbglog() << "StopPresenting" << std::endl;
		return S_OK;

	IVMRSurfaceAllocatorNotify9* allocNotify_;
	IDirect3DSurface9** surfaces_;

IMediaControl *m_pMediaControl;

a little later:
		CoInitializeEx( NULL, 0 );
		static VideoAllocatorPresenter allocPresent;
//create graph manager	
	IGraphBuilder *m_pGraph;
	HRESULT hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_FilterGraph, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IGraphBuilder, (void**)&m_pGraph);
	// BUILD the VMR9
	IBaseFilter*				m_pVMRBaseFilter;
	hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_VideoMixingRenderer9, 0, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IBaseFilter, (void**) &m_pVMRBaseFilter);

	// ADD the VMR9 to the graph
	hr = m_pGraph->AddFilter(m_pVMRBaseFilter, L"VMR9");
		IVMRFilterConfig9*			m_pVMRFilterConfig;
	hr = m_pVMRBaseFilter->QueryInterface(IID_IVMRFilterConfig9, (void**) &m_pVMRFilterConfig);


	IVMRSurfaceAllocatorNotify9 *surfaceNotify;
	hr = m_pVMRBaseFilter->QueryInterface(IID_IVMRSurfaceAllocatorNotify9, (void**) &surfaceNotify);

	DXUTGetD3DDevice()->GetCreationParameters(&params);      // Get parameters of D3D  

  	IDirect3D9* iD3D9;

	DXUTGetD3DDevice()->GetDirect3D( &iD3D9 );
	HMONITOR hMonitor = iD3D9->GetAdapterMonitor( params.AdapterOrdinal );
	surfaceNotify->SetD3DDevice( DXUTGetD3DDevice(), hMonitor );
	surfaceNotify->AdviseSurfaceAllocator( 0,&allocPresent );

	allocPresent.AdviseNotify( surfaceNotify );
	hr = m_pGraph->RenderFile(L"video/intro.avi",L"");	

	hr = m_pGraph->QueryInterface(IID_IMediaControl, (void**)&m_pMediaControl);	
	IMediaEvent *m_pMediaEvent;

	hr = m_pGraph->QueryInterface(IID_IMediaEvent, (void**)&m_pMediaEvent);	


	//long evCode;
	//m_pMediaEvent->WaitForCompletion(INFINITE,  &evCode );

And here is the logging output:
  number buffers: 1
GetSurface  0
GetSurface  done

As you can see it works till GetSurface and then my program hangs. I know I need to put some code in the presenter part, but as this code is not called yet, I haven't done it... Can anybody tell me what the problem is? Thanks a lot?

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Finally I have found, where my code fails, but I don't see why:

hr = surfaceNotify->AdviseSurfaceAllocator( 42,static_cast<IVMRSurfaceAllocator9*>(&allocPresent) );
if FAILED( hr )
dbglog() << "failure 8 " << hr << std::endl;

Produces the following output in my logfile:
failure 8 -2147467262

What do I miss? Why does this call fail?

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It seems you're not following the steps correctly:

# Call the IVMRFilterConfig9::SetRenderingMode method with the VMR9Mode_Renderless flag.
# Call the IVMRSurfaceAllocatorNotify9::AdviseSurfaceAllocator method with a pointer to your allocator-presenter.
# Call the IVMRSurfaceAllocatorNotify9::SetD3DDevice method with a pointer to the Direct3D device and a handle to the monitor.

In your code you're seting the device before calling IVMRSurfaceAllocatorNotify9::AdviseSurfaceAllocator.

I'm not sure this is the problem, but you might want to follow the given order precisely, I've had trouble before with VMR filters because of just that.

Good luck.

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