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BSP Collision Detection

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My target is to implement the Collision Detection using BSPs. First of all I want a Camera Collision Detection. What I have thought of the procedure shud be is as following:- 1) Get the Current Pos of Camera(say P1) and Future Pos(say P2). 2) Compare these Points against the normal of the dividing plane in current node of BSP tree. It will give any of the first three results:- a - Both P1 & P2 lies on back side of Dividing Plane. In this case, move to back list and goto step 2. b - Both P1 & P2 lies on back side of Dividing Plane. In this case, move to front list and goto step 2. c - Any point P1 & P2 are on different side of planes. Now check both front & back lists and compare the polygons(triangles) in the lists against P2 to determine whether P2 lies inside any1 of the poylgons in the list. If yes, collision has occured otherwise no. d- Both P1 & P2 lie on the Plane will be not be possible if we dont allow camera to move when collision occur. Now My Questions are, You dont need to answer all. You can answer even one ! 1) To how percentage I am right. What is anything wrong ? 2) Is it a Fast method for Collision Detection.I dont see it though I havent implemented it. 3) Is it an accurate one. If no, Whats a better way ? 4) Any other good methods for Collision Detection using BSPs. 5) Some good material/resource/tutorial/link on this topic. Any kind of help is highly appreciatd.

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