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contracting for art and sound

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I'm early in the design process, but I want to determine how feasible my business plan is. Basically, I want some ballpark estimates for how much it would take to get A-quality (not whiz-bang high-end AAA, but broadly marketable) graphics, music, and SFX for a isometric tactical RPG. I'm currently thinking of something like Final Fantasy Tactics, 2d sprites on a 3d landscape. If you haven't played that, think of an updated X-Com or Fallout done in that manner, 2d on 3d. (3d to allow for rotation, viewing from the 4 corners) The plan currently is to try and get all design (including level design) and programming done by (a small # of) people willing to work for a % of royalties. I'm guessing that quality artists, sound engineers, and composers probably won't do the work for a percentage, so simple placeholders would be present for Graphics, SFX, and music. This would allow for playtesting while the art and sound was being contracted and created. Say the number of character sprites would be around 100. The maps, say 250 of them, would range from 20x20 to 200x200 (square tiles), with all plot advancement occurring within the maps or in menu-based dialog (ie, no CGI movies). Plus items, character portraits, and menu/font design. So, any ballpark estimates for: Graphics? Music? SFX? (I realize I probably would have to break up 2d and 3d graphics, and may be able to combine sound and music)

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