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Using CScrollView

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Hi Everyone! I'm trying to implement a simple imageview using a MFC and CScrollView. Everything works fine until I start to use the scrollbars, after that the only a part of the image is repainted. I could really need some help on this. My OnDraw function
	CDC		DCMem;
	CNCDoc* pDoc = GetDocument();

	CBitmapDIB *pBitmapDIB = pDoc->GetActiveBitmap();

	if (pBitmapDIB) {

		int		nWidth, nHeight, nBPP, nColors;
		HBITMAP hBitmap = pBitmapDIB->GetDDB (pDC->GetSafeHdc());
		pBitmapDIB->GetDimensions (nWidth, nHeight, nBPP, nColors);
		CClientDC DCClient (this);

		CRect Box;
		DCClient.GetClipBox (&Box);
		DCMem.CreateCompatibleDC (pDC);
		pDoc->SelectBitmap (&DCMem, hBitmap);
		pDC->BitBlt(0,0, nWidth, nHeight, &DCMem, Box.TopLeft().x,   Box.TopLeft().y, SRCCOPY);	
		pDoc->SelectOldBitmap (&DCMem);


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