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Red Ant

Unity Inheritance via dominance warning (Visual Studio 7.1)

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Red Ant    471
Hello, Normally I would have added my post to this thread ==> ... but for some reason clicking the reply button teleports me back to the index page of the forum. Anyway ... I'm quite pedantic about writing my code as cleanly as possible and I suppose I'm a bit paranoid about compiler warnings, which is why this inheritance via dominance stuff is making me a little nervous. Albeit I realize that the dominance thingy is pretty much unavoidable unless I majorly redesign my class hierarchy. Incidentally, I'm rather pleased with my design as it is, tho, so I'd rather not. Basically I'm just asking if you consider it bad form to simply leave some warnings alone ... I mean seeing as there's nothing I can do about it ...?? I'm really just looking for psychological assistance to soothe my battered nerves. ;-)

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JohnBSmall    881
Original post by Red Ant
Normally I would have added my post to this thread ==> ... but for some reason clicking the reply button teleports me back to the index page of the forum.

Just FYI, old threads are automatically marked 'dead', and you can't reply to them (that's why it teleported you back to the forum index)

John B

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chollida1    532
Some warnings are just necessary if you want to use other peoples code:) ie older microsoft stl headers generated warnings. Some of the older zlib libraries are written in K&R C which generate many warnings on 2003.

Just my opinion:)


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