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Applying a 2d map to a game

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Okay, here is the problem. I have tried almost every resource that I have to figure this out. I will probably wack myself in the head for this after I ask, but here it goes. I have rendered in graphics for Visual c++ games, but this time I want to use a map editor to apply a tile map to a 2d game. This time I am hard coding a new game without the help of Visual C++ to eliminate MicroSlobs (sorry about the term, but they do gum up the works) unwanted "Garbage". So I am hard coding a new game. I have created a tile map (bmp files) using mappy. The tiles are 2d...16x16 tiles. I want to apply this map to basically a window on the "Dashboard" (in case anyone has questions on what this is... it is the main game screen) The question is How would I export a map from lets say Mappy. and apply it to code in the game. 1) would this be exported as a .dat file? 2) What would the raw C++ code be apply the Map file to the game map?

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