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Dynamic Motion Synthesis

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leoptimus    106
Do you know what is Dynamic Motion Synthesis? The only thing that I know about is that it is an animation technique that performs a realistic behavior for any biomechanical model, based on dynamics (A physics engine is envolved for obtain this simulation). That means that motion capture and keyframe animation are outdated, since we can make characters that react naturally on a physic enviroment. But the cuestion is, if you know What kind of algorithm is working behind this? Where I can find the theory of Dynamic Motion Synthesis? Or Is there any avaliable source code or library for Animation with dynamics? Thanks. PD: Look the Russel work at There is something for controlling a walking robot, but it doesn't work well at all.

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JeffLander    660
This is one of the hardest problems facing games. We need to move away from canned animation to a mix of artistic and dynamic motion. But it is a very hard robotic controller problem that not nearly enough people are working on and games really need the solution to soon. So we need to research it and support people who are.

The idea is to have a controller that can be trained to dynamically create natural looking motion. Then it could react realistically to physical input like being knocked down or such. Ragdoll is just a baby step in that direction. Beyond that you have controllers that drive ragdoll with some animation system or physical sim. But the goal is artistically directed dynamic motion. How long and what steps to get there???

Natural motion is work on this for creation of canned animation but their technique is proprietary. Likewise Havok is working on this. Bit there are lots of other research sources for your own work and learning.

A few links.

google terms (any combo of) : dynamic robotic motion control simulation

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