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Missing A8R8G8B8 on Radeon 9000 Mobility? Can I still blend?

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ChristianPena    169
Hello, I recently started toying around with MDX using C#. I wrote applications in C# at my last job and find it to be much faster to create prototypes than it was in C++ and I am willing to sacrifice performance for the sake of reducing development time, at least in the short term. On to my problem: I iterated through the SupportedDisplayModes on each of the adapters on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 600m with 64MB Radeon 9000 with the latest drivers from Dell and I also tried the Omega Catalyst drivers). I was only able to get R5G5B5 (I believe) and X8R8G8B8. I wanted to do alpha blending in my application, but A8R8G8B8 is not available. Will I still be able to do blending? In particular, I am thinking about GUI/HUD elements that are slightly translucent, but there are other cases. So my questions are: A. Does the lack of the A8R8G8B8 format mean I cannot do blending? B. I thought that this card did support that format. Was I mistaken? Thanks in advance.

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