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I've got a fairly simple 3d maze compleated, but what I'd like to have is a H.U.D. of sorts. Be it always there or toggled by a button. Anyone know of a tutorial or sample code that my speed up this process? ** Edit ** More info: Im doing this in opengl full screen mode. The hude has to be able to display static images as well as a text box which i can modify as needed. [Edited by - Spahrep on November 29, 2005 8:56:56 AM]

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Here's what I do:

When I finish drawing a scene
1 - I clear the depth buffer
2 - Set the view matrix to identity
3 (optional) - switch to a different projection matrix
4 - render the HUD

You could always disable depth testing instead of clearing the depth buffer, giving you the added advantage of being able to use painter's algorithm, but that can cause trouble if you want to render 3D objects in the HUD.

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