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3DS-Loader for DirectX

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Hi! I have written a 3DS file loader. If a file contains only one mesh it works fine. But if a file contains more meshed, they get split up into many pieces. Before I implemented the loading function for the local coordinate system it worked fine. Therefore I am sure that the problem has to do with the local coordinate system. I load this matrix in the following order:
			localCoordinateSystem.a11 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a21 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a31 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a41 = 0.0f;
			localCoordinateSystem.a12 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a22 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a32 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a42 = 0.0f;
			localCoordinateSystem.a13 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a23 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a33 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a43 = 0.0f;
			localCoordinateSystem.a14 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a24 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a34 = fis->readFloat32();
			localCoordinateSystem.a44 = 1.0f;
The first digit after the "a" is the row (1-based) and the second one is the column. Afterwards I multiply this matrix with every vertex in my model. The multiplication looks like this (pseudo-code):
	new_X = a11*x + a12*y + a13*z + a14*1;
	new_Y = a21*x + a22*y + a23*z + a24*1;
	new_Z = a31*x + a32*y + a33*z + a34*1;
I think this should be true, but it does not work. If I replace all values of the last column of this matrix by 0 the result is better, but still not perfect. Does anybody see the mistake? PS: Before I pass the final vertices to DirectX I swap the y- and the z-component of all vertices, since 3DS has swapped these two axis. Thanks in advance. rgds.

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