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OpenGL NVidia Cg Shader Cuestion

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Hi developers! Do you know how to pass an uniform array variable with Vertex Buffers? I'm using Cg library with OpenGL ARB Vertex Program Profile (arbvp1). A tentative is to use cgGLGetParameterArray function, for pass an array of values. But it carries bandwidth problems, because we have to copy large amount of data to Graphics card for every model. The goal is to implement a Vertex Skinning program, which must receive an array of vertex-to-bone assignment like this
	UINT m_vertexindex;
	UINT m_boneindex;
	REAL m_boneweight;

The problem is that this element cannot be attached to each vertex; each vertex-to-bone element has independecy of vertices. Also, the vertex bone array info has more elements that the model vertex array. Have any suggestion? thanks.

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