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return object

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float d = +2.0f, e = -10.0f, f; .... void myIdle() { ..... e += 0.2; } Using the above code I have made an object move upwards. How do I make the object go back down the way it came up(i dont mean wrapping)? I have tried the following but doesnt work. if (e >= 10.0f) { e = 10.0f; e -= 2.0; } Can anyone help?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I usually have a bool to where it is going. For example:

//Assuming this is C++

bool up = true;

if (up)
e += 0.2f;
if (!up)
e -= 0.2f;

if (e > MAXHEIGHT)
up = false;
if (e < MAXHEIGHT)
up = true;

I've seen people do it with velocities but for some reason I never got them...


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EDIT: The poster above just got in while I was writing, the same code though

The if statement block code won't work because e -= 2 will only happen when e>=10, which i guess isn't what you want it to do.

For simplicity, you could do this

Set up a global bool called movingUp and set it to true.

Write a an if else to test to see your object is at the bottom or top of the screen

if(e >= 10) //at the top
movingUp = FALSE
if(e <= 0) //at the bottom
movingUp = TRUE

Then write an if else to move your object such as:

e += 0.2;
e -=2;

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float e = 0.0f; // The body
float velocity = 4f; // The speed of the body.

void myIdle()
// Move the body
e += velocity;

// Add resistance
velocity -= 0.1f;

// Bounce off the ground
if(e < 0f)
e *= -1f;

Implementing the bodies velocity will greatly make your life easier. If you run the above example, you'll see that e is thrown up in the air, and then peaks and slowly comes back down, much like gravity would act on a flying ball.

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