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How do i use the switch statement with std::string?

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Doesn't work. switch only works with integral numeric types, because of how it is compiled - it is not necessarily simply an if/else chain.

If you have only a few cases, just do if/else if/else as needed. If you have several, or if there will be a need to change the cases often in the design (or, as happens sometimes, dynamically at runtime, e.g. the strings in question are loaded from a file), you can build a std::map of std::strings to functors, and then look up the functor in the map and invoke it. (If the code for each case takes similar form, you may instead be able to make a map of std::string to some other sort of object, and then look up the object and pass it to some common processing function.

Something like:

#include <map>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
// ...

class Item() {
// whatever stuff in here
virtual Item* clone();

class Sword(): public Item {
// etc.
Sword* clone() { return new Sword(this) };
// need a proper copy ctor implementation

// etc. other classes

map<string, Item*> prototypes;
// populate map
prototypes["broadsword"] = new Sword(123, 456, 789);
// etc.
// Todo: somehow make use of a configuration file to do this.

// Create an item by cloning one of the 'prototypes'
Item * result = NULL;
map<string, Item*>::iterator it = prototypes.find(requestedItem);
if (requestedItem != prototypes.end()) {
result = it->second->clone();

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