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Ordering object into a cuboid

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dnaxx    100
Hello! I have a bunch of spheres, and I want to order them in the shape of a cuboid. Whats the best way to achive this? Thank you,

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someusername    427
I'm not sure what you mean by 'order them'. If you mean, how to find a bounding box that encapsulates them, the following should do.

This is definitely not the best way, I'm sure there are better ways than the one I'll suggest but it's still O(n) complexity on the number of spheres, so it shouldn't be that bad.

1. define 6 variables xMin,xMax, yMin,yMax, zMin,zMax
2. Run through all spheres
3. xMin = min(xMin,;
xMax = max(xMax,;
yMin = min(yMin,;

Use these values to compute the vertices of your cuboid in the obvious way.

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