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dbzprogrammer    100
Christmas is coming around, and so it's the perfect time to get books from the family. I am pretty in depth into OpenGL, and definately have C++ down. I'm not a pro at either though. I would like to learn more on physics, AI, and networking. So I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips and hints at what books would be good and what books would not be good. I'm taking a look at the Game Programming Gems series. Looks like a bunch of reference books. :)

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S1CA    1418
The Game Programming Gems series is really a series of "cookbooks" with a wide range of articles covering very very specic topics (recipes) - so one book can have topics as varied as "how to produce print-quality screenshots" to "making your game load faster".

The AI Programming Wisdom books are like Game Programming Gems except all the topics are specific to AI; but still as varied.

Getting in-depth with physics is going to require decent skills with mathematics so if your algebra, calculus and linear algebra aren't up to scratch, you probably want to get some general books covering those.

There are also specific books such as Eric Lengyel's "Math for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics" which has some good reviews.

Specific to Physics and games, there are (amongst others) "Physics for Game Developers", "Game Physics" by David H. Eberly, "Realtime Collision Detection" by Christer Ericson - all of which have had decent reviews.

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