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I was surfing the net for sprite sheets, (not animated ones.) And decided to check out this site, remembering there was a big list of sprite sites. I looked thru them and found huge resources. But one problem.... I've never played NES, SNES, or many of the old video games they were ripped/based from. (My gaming started with a gameboy color and dreamcast) So I pretty much found myself with a daunting task, of maybe just happening onto the sprites I want. So I thought I'd might post here, for anyone who might have a greater knowledge of old games. I am looking for 2D sprite sheets of different types of aircraft. Jets, helicopters, the like. I'm really hoping for multiple versions of one sprites so that it looks animated. (I can't draw a fire animation on the back of a single sprite.) If anyone has any knowledge of games that are similar to what I'm looking for please post. I would really appreciate any help I could get.

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